hello friend! Since most of my friends calls me B, I will go by this name on this blog! I love my family, my sassy girlfriends, shopping, photography, travel, arts, vintage, paper goods, lovely packages, music, dramas, chocolate, cupcakes, paris, flowers, romance, lace, shoes, bags, lingerie, fragrances, clouds, rain, snow, ocean, lights, balloons, carousels, christmas and heart shapes... frankly the list could go on.

I believe in fairytale and strangely, I can't whistle.

like to know more about me?...
my love for the creative arts as far as I could remember started when I was a kid. I would always carry a sketch book wherever I go and doodle whenever I had the chance. In the days where "you are going to be a poor painter!", when art wasn't given any recognition, I went into an accounting school. few months later, I was a college drop out. Thankfully, I was accepted into a design school and graduated successfully.

upon graduation, I became a flight attendant as I didn't want to stay inside a box. I knew I need exposure to see things in a different perspective. Since, I didn't have loads of money to go see the world, being a flight attendant was it. a challenging and demanding industry and constantly meeting new people from all walks of life and cultures has definitely made me stronger, independent and made me see things differently. it's definitely not just "would you prefer a cup of coffee or tea, sir?"

when I am designing, I love working with almost every design element, be it colors, fonts, shapes, patterns, prints and texture. when it comes down to jewelry, I like it simple,  where less is more and focus on wear-ability, uniqueness and trends.

besides daydreaming, shopping, jewelry, photography and my other random hobbies such as knitting and making food pretty,  I enjoy blogging whatever is on my mind on this little blog. be it life, design, fashion or the pretty little things I stumble across. This is a place where I collect my inspirations visually. definitely more pictures than words. a little book to inspire me, hopefully you and maybe others.

fleur avenue, started in the beginning of 2009 as a blog shop but shortly after, in March, Fleur Avenue opened its ETSY shop.

A fairytalesque picture of spring blossoms, candy floss clouds, shimmering butterflies and humming birds inspired the name.

I do appreciate each and every comment or email I receive from you. Having you telling me how much you had enjoy reading my post not only encourages and motivates me, it makes me want to do more for this creative community. With all that being said, I am really honored and surprise that people would want to read my humble little blog.

If you'd like to say hello, request advertising info, or send me your product/shop submission, please contact me. I do read your messages and I will get in touch with a reply as soon as I can.

Thank you for visiting!

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