Saturday, May 26, 2012

East London Brick Lane Fashion Show

Hey hey, so what is this fashion show that I was excited about? Well, it is a fashion show organized by Brick Lane Fashion. Held at Cafe 1001, the show is a collaboration between independent designers and businesses local to the East End. The designers exhibit and sell their collections in the surrounding areas markets, Brick Lane boutiques and through their own websites and ASOS marketplace. 

How was it? Hmmm, i think it's good effort! There's definitely loads of work and effort that has been put in to produce this show. However, having been exposed to quite a number of fashion shows on screen and fashion studies. I felt there's so much this show could improve on for a more professional feel and finish.

Since the aim of a fashion show is to attract buyers to buy the clothes, models have a huge responsibility in selling them. Therefore, having models who look and walk like, "ahh...I can't wait to finish the show, I want to go home." should be a no no.
If the models lack confidence, look and behaved disinterested, how will buyers or press have confidence in the collection? Agree? Another thing will be the backdrop, the designers' brand and collection name were projected on the side and not on the main backdrop of the runway, why!?

Nevertheless, I'm very thankful to be invited as a guest and impressed with Sophie, who invited me, (she's so warm and friendly!) on how promptly she had handled the issue my friends and I had with the bar (I will talk about this in another post, because it's so appalling!).

Lastly, as promised in my earlier post! I've taken loads of photos at the fashion show to share with you. However, as the models were walking a little too fast or maybe it's my skill issue. I couldn't capture many nice shots, so I took clips and combined them into a vid!^^ (as seen above)


Mark de Zabaleta said...

Excellent !

Mark de Zabaleta

Janet Mandell said...

Great great photos!!! I love shows in london are so much cooler than the US. LOL!!!

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