Saturday, December 25, 2010

Still, Marry Me.

falling in love. being in love. love, it should feel like this.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Cologne Christmas Market @ Southbank, London

Hey, how and what are your Christmas markets like? I went to the Cologne Christmas Market at Southbank centre 2 weeks ago. Since, it's the first Christmas market I was going to, I was really looking forward to it.

With less than 30 stores (it seems.), the Christmas crowd and the festive cheer, this market lacks luster. It's still interesting, just not exactly exciting. Worse, there wasn't any Christmasy songs and the store owners all look disorientated and unhappy! I'm not pleased. How can there be no music and no smiles?!

However, Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, it's truly amazing. I felt like I was a child again. Love it so much, I'm going back there next week. I will put pictures up when I am up. Now it's bedtime. Stay tune! :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

packaging update 17/12/2010

and you get to pick your pet animal! :)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Is no one nice anymore?

why does some people think and complicated matters with their assumptions when things are actually really simple? I care about you so I shower you with my concern. It is that simple.

Anyway, why I am upset? Well, it's because of this one customer. My friends told me: "it's just one customer!" and I shouldn't be affected. But I am. I think I mentioned this many times, I care about my customers as I care about my friends and my family. Why? Because they are important to me. It's not because it helps me earn some extra cash. (I do not make much out of this.) What I gain is the satisfaction and happiness I receive when my customer comes to me and say "I really like your work. Did you made this yourself? They are really pretty! Keep it up!"

I admit for the past few months, I have been pretty slow in my response and I could only mail orders out recently in late october/nov, but did I not stated it very clearly about the time frame and implore people on my shop announcement to not shop with me if time is their main priority?

I am not seeking pity, or giving any excuses. What I ask for is an understanding.
You could ask, why did I not chose to put my shop on vacation or close it? It is because I didn't want my shop to looked like it closed down or disappeared.

I have just moved to a foreign land alone. Besides needing to adapt to a new country and culture, making friends, to mail order(s), I need to figure out the new mailing system. How much is a packet? How much is a stamp? How do I mail?...etc. I also need to juggle projects, meetings, and keeping in contact with my family back home.

I do not run on batteries (although i wish i do, so I do not offend any of my customers.) But, I am human, I do feel tired and I am definitely not perfect. All this, needs time...

Now, I just need to figure out a new packaging, buy a fragile stamp and I am set to mail out daily!

Ok back to the customer, she seems on the edge inquiring about her purchase. I kept up my response to her even after she sounded really rude and was attacking me. I responded to her all the time and she tells me I am ignoring her. She then makes up many weird assumption about me, about the shop, telling me how I should run Fleur Avenue and honestly, she sounds pretty disturbing and unstable.) So me, being silly me (maybe I should have just kept my concerns to myself.) I told her I wasn't ignoring her (how can I be ignoring her when I am always replying to her?) and I will take her feedback and strive to improve.

I went on to tell her I am here if she needs someone to talk to but she should at the same time seek professional help. As I am not a professional, I don't want to give her the wrong advice and do her more harm than good.

She ended up accusing me of attacking her and left me a really long negative statement. :(

Honestly, I am upset. Is nobody nice anymore, so people think the worse of people?

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

things a man shouldn't do.

He should not quicken his steps to beat a lady to be in line at an automated teller. And when the machine isn't working, he should not turn his back and raise his voice at the lady, demanding why the automated teller isn't working.

How is she to know? and you cut her queue!

This is my amusing experience today. His behavior is a disgrace to men and made me wonder "Where are the fine English gentlemen these days?"

Monday, November 29, 2010

Butter on the go?

A simple idea yet very clever. Designed by South Korean, Yeongkeun. This idea can be implement on many other spreads as well.  It will not only work well for parties and airlines meals. If Nutella buy this idea, busy people like you and I, could have Nutella toast on the go. ( I can totally see myself rushing out of the door, with a toast in hand and applying Nutella on my way out. Definitely a time saver!)

(via lovelypackage)