Thursday, August 06, 2009

collection// black and white no. 1

If the world is black and white...

(click on + for source)


Paolo Roversi +

Patric Shaw +

Jimmy Backius +



Baldovino Barani +


Vogue UK Fringe Festival Nick Knight +

Black and white clouds over Preturo (via Luca Guerri) +





iva yaneva said...

these are just amazing!

Waxy said...

If the world were black and white I wouldn't have to answer so many questions when my husband is getting dressed...hehe

Dionne said...

Oh these are so classy and gorgeous! Love them!

Sarah Jane said...

i just stumbled on to your blog tonight. loving it. i just had a black and white post today too...ha. great minds think alike;)

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

sigh. the third photo down (the blonde with the updo) is just otherworldly.

Bali Beach Bunny said...

'you might also like'...
i think i have just fallen in love
who IS that last guy?
glory be!

NAKITA said...

Simply Breathtaking!!! - Am writing a Short Story for school and these photos have really inspired me! I'm sure you will take many more gorgeous photos as time goes by - and i can't wait to see 'em!