Wednesday, July 29, 2009

collection// underwater

What is it like living underwater? I wonder sometimes. Has that thought ever come across to you? Sometimes, I wish I could turn into a mermaid so I could swim the ocean and seek shipwreck treasures...not exactly sure if it has any connection with me being a Pisces. (a water sign horoscope) but I have always felt an attachment, a love for water, be it the rain, the sea or the ocean.

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Bruno Dayan Fashion Photography +


Taken by Annie Leibovitz, Vanity Fair +


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(If you look carefully, the place isn't submerge in water,
it's the lamp that creates the underwater effect. Isn't that way cool?

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Simply Colette said...

Very cool! I saw a travel channel feature where there is a Mermaid show in the U.S. somewhere (can't remember) where these girls are underwater for about an hour and breath out of a tube and put on a show. Pretty awesome!

Fabiano Mayrink said...


Sometimes I wish I could turn into a mermaid too, imagine can swiming in the ocean without breathing, it is a lovely dream!

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Anonymous said...

To Simply Collette the place you saw was called Weeki Wachee and it is amazing.

This is amazing! Thank you for putting together this collection. It is a wonderful set. You should check out Hannah Fraser Mermaid or Mermaids in Motion, they have some great images.